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Offering a full line of
PMA approved
airframe parts
for the
Cessna 190/195
The 195 Factory, LLC provides the same service,
parts manufacturing, airframe structural repair, and restoration
services previously provided by Ray’s Aircraft Service

The 195 Factory manufactures the most extensive list of PMA approved replacement airframe parts for the Cessna 195 & Cessna 190 aircraft. We also have make-to-order capability to duplicate many other legitimate Cessna 190/195 series parts on a quick turn around basis under FAR Part 21.303(b)(2). Whether your project is a major structural repair, full restoration, or a routine repair and service, The 195 Factory is your most comprehensive source for airframe parts.

We are also a complete structural repair center. We use an original Cessna factory airframe jig as well as complete wing, wing tip, and control surface jigs. Over 40 years of tooling and processes allow us to execute major or minor structural repairs to original factory standards. Combined with access to our extensive parts inventory, we are uniquely positioned to provide uncompromising quality and originality in structural repair and restoration. From ground loops to hangar rash, we handle them all.

The 195 Factory is the manufacturer and supplier of the STC Approved Locking Tail Wheel, Cleveland Tail Wheel & Tire
Retrofit Kit, and Jacobs Engine Clean Kit.

We are headquartered in Upstate New York with a
maintenance services facility at the Schenectady County
Airport (SCH). Come visit us at our West Glenville
manufacturing and structural repair center anytime.

The 195 Factory, LLC (Formerly Ray’s Aircraft Service, Inc.)
Monday - Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm, other times by chance
Fulton County Airport • 160 County Highway 153 • Johnstown, NY 12095 • 518 882-6392 • service@The195Factory.com

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